Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur every other day. They can happen anywhere. From shopping malls to fast-food retailers to car dealerships, these accidents occur everywhere. They are rampant. Accidents on other people’s property occur all the time, but what if someone is at fault? When you slip and fall because of the carelessness of someone else, you deserve compensation or premise liability. Slip and fall accidents are caused by several things like bad or wrong lighting, a lack of handrails, no signs, obstructions, etc.

Common mistakes that victims make in a slip and fall case

When you talk to any experienced slip and fall lawyer in Evansville, they will recall many cases that failed due to simple mistakes. They may be simple mistakes, but the law does not allow room for such errors. If you or someone you know has been involved in a slip and fall case, here are some mistakes to avoid.

  • Failing to report your case as soon as it happens

This is arguably the most common mistake that victims of slip and fall cases make. As soon as the accident occurs, complain to a staff member. It could be an attendant or a manager, but get someone from the property to acknowledge your accident. You may walk away from an accident, but a month from then, three months, or even a year later, you may decide to seek compensation. When you do, you will need some form of acknowledgment of the case. If you fall, make a complaint immediately and get someone on the other side to acknowledge your case.

  • Failure to find and secure evidence

Another common mistake that victims tend to make is that they don’t secure the evidence they need for their case. When you slip and fall, you are supposed to get proof. Demand for the tape immediately after the fall. Even if this is difficult, hand it over to a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows how much this evidence means to your case, and they will secure it. Don’t leave the premises without getting video evidence of your slip and fall. Get a lawyer on it, and they will secure the evidence if you don’t want to.

  • Failure to get photographs of the scene

Was a misplaced mopstick the reason for the fall? Was a leaking bucket of water in the corner the cause of your accident? Was it bad lighting? Get a photograph of the cause of your fall and document it. Don’t count on the negligent broomstick or ladder being in the same spot at another point. Get a picture of the cause of your accident as soon as it happens. It will help to build your case.

Follow these steps for a successful case

If you/ a friend/a member of your family has been in a slip and fall accident, avoid the mistakes above. The first step after an accident is to get a member of staff to acknowledge the occurrence. Then you want to secure the video evidence you will need for your case. Get a lawyer involved, and they will help you do this. Get a photo of whatever caused the accident in the first place too. When you do all this, you avoid errors that can dampen your claims.


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