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Dog bites can be very painful and can even cause very serious injuries. If the dog does not have a vaccine, the wound that was created can become infected. At the time of the accident, the victim must be able to establish who is to blame for the accident.

In Fielding Law, they affirm that all residents in Mesquite must have knowledge of the laws that refer to pet care and the damage they can do if they are not trained and well cared for.

How a dog bite lawyer from Fielding Law would help the victim?

These types of accidents can surprisingly create serious injuries that will require medical treatment, it is essential that the victim hold the owner of the animal that caused the accident responsible. The victim can contact Fielding Law attorneys to help them create a dog bite personal injury claim and get compensation.

Understand the injuries that dog bites can cause

The emergency room registers a continuous entry for dog bites, being one of the accidents that is commonly observed. These accidents can cause different levels of injuries, from superficial tear, breaking a bone or even damage that can be fatal. Another type of damage that it can cause is emotional, especially for children, this may require several therapy sessions to overcome the trauma caused.

Tips to avoid being bitten by a dog

Although it is considered the friend of man, certain types of dogs can become aggressive, so it is advisable to avoid the following:

  • Avoid approaching an unfamiliar dog or one that has no owner present. Especially if the dog is in an area closed with a chain.
  • Avoid disturbing a dog while he is eating, sleeping, or taking care of anything.
  • Do not chase or alter a dog, or push, hit, or pinch it, remember that it is an animal that acts on instinct if it feels threatened.
  • If you’re petting someone else’s dog, ask the owner first.

Since these types of accidents tend to complicate the burden of proof, it is always a good idea for the victim to consult an experienced accident attorney at the beginning of the process.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer for the case

When looking for an attorney to legally represent us in a personal injury case, it is important to be very selective. In the case of accidents involving a person injured by a dog bite, the following should be considered:

  • Experience in the matter: Since personal injury law covers different areas, when choosing an attorney, we have to look at whether they have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend us, in this case, dog bite injury claims. The opportunity to opt for a good reward will be the responsibility of the attorney.
  • The victim can request references. The victim has every right to ask for references from former clients, in order to clarify any doubts they may have about the lawyer’s experience and success in obtaining compensation for his clients.
  • The victim can opt for free consultations. If the victim does not have a lawyer in mind, they can opt for the free consultations offered by law firms, to have some knowledge of how their case is going to be handled.

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