Benefits of Malta Ordinary Residence Permits

The Malta Residence Program has several types to attract investors and individuals to this EU nation. People intending to live in Malta for more than three months apply for Ordinary Residence Permit. The program is the right choice for those who want to stay in Malta, but are obliged to register and to have an e-Residence card or residence permit.

Malta Ordinary Residence Permits are currently available to people from EU and EEA destinations as well as Swiss people. It helps them transfer their tax residence to a safe and tax-efficient jurisdiction like Malta. With this program, you can enjoy the right to reside and work on the island, travel freely across 185 Schengen countries. Your family can also benefit from free high-quality education and healthcare. It takes almost eight weeks to get the residence permits.

Benefits of the Malta Residence Program

Malta is a safe and aesthetically beautiful place to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle. The Malta Ordinary Residence Permits get you the Residence card within two months so that you can relocate with your family to the island.

Under this program, you are not taxable on foreign income that you received outside of Malta as well as on the capital gains taking place outside the island, whether or not you remit them to Malta.

The government of Malta introduced the Budget Implementation Act with a minimum tax in the country for people residing in Malta without a domicile as well as individuals who earn minimum Euro 35,000 annually.

Another benefit of applying for the Maltese residency is that you do not have any application fee if you are a national of EU, EEA, and Swiss or a family member of any of these nationals. If you are willing to apply for the Maltese residency, it is always great to seek professional assistance. However, the process is quite simple and straightforward, and therefore you can do it yourself too.

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